Timing is everything

Those of you who read this blog have the joy of reading this before it hits your inbox. If you see a double don’t worry, we’re just covering all the bases. Just want to get out a quick update to keep everyone informed. Without further adieu, I give you your future email now:
We are getting closer and closer to leaving, but it seems like it’s further and further away. We received word last week that we can begin our visa process, and ever since then, the days seem to have slowed way down. Please pray with us that the visa application will come quickly, along with the visas themselves. 
We are currently sitting at about 85% support with a few individuals and churches still contemplating our support. Hopefully the necessary 15% will come in very quickly as well. If you have pledged to give, but have not yet started, now is the time! We need everyone to please begin their support so that we can safely transition to dependency on it. If you have any concerns or questions, please please contact us. We look forward to writing you all from Japan and thank you for your continued prayer.

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