September Prayer Letter

BIG News! Thanks for reading! :)

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Very Quick Update and Monster Mess

If you follow me on twitter, then you know about my monster cake I have to make. It will finish cooking one of these days… So I did this Vid while it was in the oven. Hence, the apron and flour, and crazy hair, and total wigged-out-ness. Idk.

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Japan Tour Done!

Hey Everyone! We just got back tonight from our long tour of Japan and we are happy to be home! After TEAM conference ended, we went down to Tokyo for a week and met with some amazing missionaries down there. Then we went to see a friend in Osaka for a day before spending a few days in Kobe. It’s been a lot of time of thinking forward and meeting amazing people God is using in different ministries. We’ll work on getting all our pictures up sometime within the next week.

Café Ministry

It’s been too long since we’ve written last. And that’s mainly because our days have been packed full of meetings, travel, sight-seeing, and meeting other missionaries.

TEAM conference ended on Saturday and we decided to stay with the Taylors one more night. That night their friends from Tokyo came to visit. The husband happens to be a writer for the pokemon comic book! It was neat to meet them and their sweet kids. For dinner, Christina and Kye made pasta.

On Sunday, the Taylors surprised us by buying our shinkansen tickets to Tokyo. It’s the best way to travel, but we were expecting to take the cheaper express train.

We’ve been exploring and shopping in Tokyo all week and everyday we’ve come home worn out. On Tue., we took a tour of Tokyo with a veteran missionary, Tom Sloan. He taught us many historical and spiritual insights that I hope we’ll never forget.

The past two days, we met with two couples who are doing something very new and very exciting here in Tokyo. They are launching a Café in mid-October here in Tokyo. It’s very exciting to us and the more we’ve heard, the cooler it sounds. Yesterday, we even got to see the empty room that will be transformed very soon into the Café.

Finally, please pray with us as we are going through some tough decision-making about our future and the future of our ministry. We’ll write about it as soon as things clear up, but as of now the possibilities are too numerous to write about. We appreciate your prayers as we seek God’s guidance in this.


Annual Conference has begun!

Well, we haven’t sufficiently informed everyone, but every year, TEAM Japan has an annual conference for one week in Karuizawa. We survived the 10 hour road trip and made it by dinner-time on friday night. It was a pretty good ride, the iphone deserves credit for that. When we arrived, it was suprisingly cold! We had gotten used to the 90 degree weather, and so coming here to mid 70′s was a real treat! Everything is green here too, it’s nice to see mountains and trees again. We are staying with the Taylors, who we met while in training when we were still in the U.S.  They are spoiling us with great food and fun.

Today was day one, and it flew by. Mainly, because it didn’t start until 3pm. But, tomorrow starts the real schedule. We will be giving our presentation tomorrow, telling everyone about ourselves and why we came to Japan and our future plans. Last night, we experienced our first earthquake too! It wasn’t very big, but it did last a while. After it happened, we looked to see if there was any news about it, and supposedly it was a 7.0 in Tokyo! Somewhere out in the sea, so no reported damage yet. It was a little exciting though, I have to admit. Unfortunately, Matt wasn’t able to experience the rumble because he was in the shower. Oh well, there’s always next time…

Love you all!

Temporary Site!

Hey everyone! We’re away from our computer at annual conference this week, so I set up a temporary page so that we can keep the updates coming! I’ll put the old one up once we’re home, but it’ll be a few weeks. If you need to see something on our current site, please click here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us: reedsinjapan [at] gmail [dot] com