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Recent Pictures

We’ve uploaded some new pictures on Facebook. We’d like to eventually post them here as well, but they should be public on Facebook so you can see them without needing an account. Please shoot us an email if you can’t see them.

Sushi Time

Yesterday, we reunited with a close old friend at the College Festival. We decided to go out for a late lunch and everyone was excited to eat sushi. So our friend drove us all out to the sushi place and we had a great time together. He graduated last year and told us about his new job. He’s working about 50 minutes away (by car), so we may not get to chat with him as much as others. As a result I was kicking myself for not guiding our conversation more towards Christ. We know our time is short here and we want to make the best of it. Please pray for these meetings that we might be able to balance catching up with boldness in sharing the Gospel.


For the past two nights I’ve had vivid dreams in Japanese. It’s been kind of fun to share with others about dreaming in Japanese. I was worried coming back that I had forgotten most of my Japanese, but when you hear it non-stop, a lot of phrases that you couldn’t think of seem to come back. The day before yesterday we had a 2+ hour conversation with a Christian friend and I think it helped a lot to bring back my vocabulary. Everyone learning a language I think would agree that you can understand a lot more than you can say, so it has been great to see that I can once again hold a conversation. I’m still far from fluent, but this is great progress to report.

Our House

This is our house for the next few weeks. We stayed here last year for a few months so it’s a little familiar. We’re slowly adjusting to the new schedule, but last night I got hit with some stomach pains. Yesterday we ran into 3 people we knew and got to spend time with a 4th. We went to dinner with an English student from last year who is a pharmacist and discussed a disease that caused some Japanese to become outcast. We told him that Jesus healed the outcasts and wasn’t across of them. We hope to talk to him more in the coming days.Thank you for all your prayers. We need them :) we’re praying for you too. -Matt

First meal in Japan

We finally arrived late last night after 30 hours of straight travel. Thanks for all the prayers. Wifi is hard to find, but we’ll update when we can! This is our first lunch – udon!