Support Update

We received a lot of response over the past two weeks, and it has been very exciting. However, we still have a little ways to go. Our goal for the end of this month was to be at 70% and we are currently at 60%. We praise God for the tremendous increase we’ve seen in our support team and we pray that he will continue to enlarge it even quicker!
This weekend we will sell our less-used car, and keep the money for a possible car in Japan. We’ve sold our couch, TV, turntables, some books, some clothes, video camera (which we replaced with a new one am I excited to put into good use!), and are trying to sell our bowflex among other things. Our house is getting empty!
Please pray that we can continue to move forward. I plan to speak with TEAM at the end of this month about applying for visas. This could potentially be really easy or really long as some of our friends have struggled with it.

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