Stellar Stella

Grandma Stella, as many call her, has recently turned 81 and even after loosing her husband Ralph last year, she continues to be a fireball of energy and passion. Within the past few weeks, she has lead 2 people to the Lord. One of whom has been a friend and contact for 30 plus years. He has heard the Gospel over and over and finally, after losing his Christian wife to cancer, submitted to the Lord just recently. It’s this kind of dedication that had allowed God to use Stella for so many years, and we believe it takes this kind of dedication to truly change Japan for Christ. Please keep Stella in your

i**Update 7/2/09 ** Stella reported yesterday that she had lead 2 MORE people to the Lord. She’s an evangelism machine, but one that started 50+ years ago. Even still, it’s really cool to see these seeds bear fruit.

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