School Disappointment

I found out today that my 6 hours from classes I took this spring transferred into Liberty as only 4 hours. This is so disappointing because it means that I am not finished with school, even though I should be. Please pray that there might be some exception. Otherwise I will have to take yet another class this Fall.
On the brighter side, my parents are throwing us a graduation/going away party at their house on the 13th. Everyone is welcome. If we don’t get you an invite, count this as it!

In other news, we are coming to Waynesboro this weekend to speak at CFC, the church we met in (awwww). Please pray that all goes well and please come if you can.
Also, we updated our contact info with our facebook and twitter accounts, so if you use either of those (or even if you don’t), hit us up!

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