This weekend, Matt’s room-mate from Liberty came down to visit. So, we went to visit scaremare. Scaremare is an evangelism event that Liberty puts on every year. Basically, they try to scare attendees into thinking about heaven and hell and what happens when we die. You can see more on the website, (which Matt did a lot of work on).
We took a big leap of faith today, as Matt turned in his two-weeks notice at Liberty. We have found renters for the house who will move in in two weeks. At that point, we hope to have our visas and will finish out our time in the US with family in Waynesboro. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates.
In Japan news, we found out this weekend that one of the ladies Barbara met on her recent trip back to Japan, has been coming to church and made a commitment to accept Jesus as her Saviour! It was truly a divine meeting and all in Takamatsu are celebrating with her.

More pictures of scaremare

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