Sakura are blooming!

A.k.a. Cherry Blossoms, these pretty flowers are finally blooming. A beautiful reminder from God that Spring is coming! The kids are out of school right now, because the new school year is starting this month. So it’s a fun time to see everyone starting to come outside more. Anyways, we got to spend the evening viewing the cherry blossoms in the cold, but pretty park! It was a good time, we’re starting to form some connections and relationships that are very encouraging.
Last week 3 seniors graduated and left for their new jobs/schools. It was sad to see them go, but next week we hope many new Freshmen will join the group. Please keep praying for them!

PS- another video is on the way :D

Trying out a new picture mode this week. Let us know how you like it. Just double-click any picture to be taken to a large version

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