Persecution in Japan

I received an email from a missionary friend of mine this morning and I thought I would share a portion of it here. He wrote: 

Mr. Manabe, we believe, has trusted the Savior, but now is being called to ‘bear his own cross.’ He is being pressured by the his family and neighbors to be involved in the local shrine. His family has now told them they hate Christianity. He is standing firm though. It must be tough for him. Please pray that the grace of Christ would abound to him. Please pray that he will be baptized October 31.

This is an example of the cultural pressure believers face in Japan. Although there is no legal recourse for becoming Christian, there is loads of societal pressure. Please pray for Mr. Manabe to have strength to stand in this time of trial. It’s never fun to feel alone, and I feel like that is one of the biggest lies that Satan whispers in Japan.

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