Pentecost Sunday

That guy up there is my friend Kota. Kota came to church for the first time with us yesterday. We’re pretty proud to say that he was the first ESS member to come to church! After service we went out for lunch and had a good conversation about the Bible and Religion. He is very soft-spoken and kind-hearted. Please pray for him. He is interested in the Bible, but is busy with school work so we won’t be able to start a study together. He would like to come back to church and we are so excited about it.
Sunday evening, before our second service, we handed out many tracts in the shopping area of downtown. Christina and Bruce did exceptionally well. Next time, I will try and take some pictures. Please pray for those who received the tracts. While at prayer conference we heard about a lady who took 7-9 years before she became a Christian, but always kept the first tract she received because she felt “it’s message was important.” Kota too told me “I cannot forget things about religion.” I told him that I thought it was because God is interested in him. It was my first Japanese evangelism you could say. Please keep these things in prayer. Thanks, as always.

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