September 2008 Prayer Letter

Our prayer letter for the Fall is available for download! Just click on the picture above to download it. This month there’s a bonus page because it is our Summer report/Fall update. Hope you enjoy!

As always, there’s a JPG format if your computer doesn’t read PDFs:
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Prayer Requests

There is much we need to bring to the Lord this week. In Japan, our senior, Mike has to take on the role of teacher of a theology class. Pray that he can fulfill this role well. Also, there are many financial decisions that have to be carefully made.
Here, we are continuing to raise support. Please pray that we can make the great need known. We were told by two separate missionaries in the last two days that we are needed in Japan.
Lastly, and perhaps most urgently, please pray for the persecuted believers in Orissa, India. A ministry that we support reports that 6 have been martyred this week. Click this link for more explanation.

Support Update

We received a lot of response over the past two weeks, and it has been very exciting. However, we still have a little ways to go. Our goal for the end of this month was to be at 70% and we are currently at 60%. We praise God for the tremendous increase we’ve seen in our support team and we pray that he will continue to enlarge it even quicker!
This weekend we will sell our less-used car, and keep the money for a possible car in Japan. We’ve sold our couch, TV, turntables, some books, some clothes, video camera (which we replaced with a new one am I excited to put into good use!), and are trying to sell our bowflex among other things. Our house is getting empty!
Please pray that we can continue to move forward. I plan to speak with TEAM at the end of this month about applying for visas. This could potentially be really easy or really long as some of our friends have struggled with it.

Community Fellowship Church Follow-up

Wow did we have a big weekend! We started by driving to Waynesboro VA and hanging out with family for a while, then we got to spend some time on Saturday night with two families I (Matt) haven’t seen in roughly 6-7 years. Both families left the church to attend Bible school and assume ministry positions. One family ended up in Utah (pictured above), while the other ended up back in Waynesboro. It was so neat to catch up on what God has done in their lives.
Sunday we went to Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene, my parents’ home church, and the church that we met in. We spoke in both services and received a huge response. The people we so loving and encouraging. It was neat.
After church, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday and waited way too long to eat lunch. We had to leave quickly after to make it to our friend’s deacon ordination. We made it just in time to watch Kevin Struble became a deacon at Bethel Baptist (who’s picture I updated). Kevin was on my dorm at Liberty and in our wedding and it was neat to hear as he shared some of his testimony.

You can see some of our pictures from the weekend here.

School Disappointment

I found out today that my 6 hours from classes I took this spring transferred into Liberty as only 4 hours. This is so disappointing because it means that I am not finished with school, even though I should be. Please pray that there might be some exception. Otherwise I will have to take yet another class this Fall.
On the brighter side, my parents are throwing us a graduation/going away party at their house on the 13th. Everyone is welcome. If we don’t get you an invite, count this as it!

In other news, we are coming to Waynesboro this weekend to speak at CFC, the church we met in (awwww). Please pray that all goes well and please come if you can.
Also, we updated our contact info with our facebook and twitter accounts, so if you use either of those (or even if you don’t), hit us up!

Our Home Church

We had a really nice relaxing weekend as we were home for the first time in a while. I finished up classes for good on Friday, and I should receive my diploma in the mail sometime in a few weeks.
We had the opportunity to share our heart with our entire home church congregation and received a big warm welcome. Unfortunately, we forgot to get out the camera until after we had left, but we got a few pictures of lunch. As we near the end of the summer and our goal for leaving approaches, we ask that you pray with us for those whom we’ve already spoken with about joining with us financially. We will update the support page later this week when we figure out how much we are now at.

Click here to see more pictures of our weekend.

Bethel Baptist Update

We received some good news today from Bethel Baptist Church, that they had voted and decided to support us! We are excited about our relationship and are so thankful for their willingness to serve.

Also, we will be speaking at our home church in Lynchburg this weekend. Please pray for our nerves and that we can convey the great need in Japan to our church. Thank you all for the prayers and support. We’re over halfway there financially and we are selling our worldly possessions left and right!

A Rushed Weekend

I got the news Friday that my great-uncle passed away overnight, so we made the decision to go into Waynesboro to his funeral on Sunday. Thankfully, the weekend turned out pretty positive. Saturday, Christina went to a ladies event with Bethel Baptist Church, and afterwards we left for Waynesboro.
My good friend from High School invited us over for a BBQ Saturday night, and Sunday morning we visited Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg. We love this youthful church, and after service got to hang out with Pastor Dave and some of the other church leaders. We had a good time of fellowship and hope that Aletheia will be able to join with us to win Japan. They are very missions focused, both locally and globally and it’s amazing to see what God is doing through them.