An Apple Weekend

This weekend we visited an apple festival in Charlottesville, Va. They had apple donuts, apple butter, apple cider slushies, and tons of pick-your-own apples. It was a great time. There were tons of people and music. It was a great time of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors and yummy apples! We are still waiting on the visas to arrive and hope to hear something this week. We are praying for them to come by the end of this week. We really feel that they will! While we wait, we are just trying to spend as much time studying the language, and spending time with friends here in Lynchburg. We plan to have a small yard sale this saturday morning at our home for all who are in our area, we have tons of home stuff from kitchen appliances to home decor.

Restful Weekend

This past weekend we met with pastor Tony Trennell and his wife, Mary Ruth from Calvary Baptist Church of Bristol, Tennessee. This is a church of Stella’s. We met for lunch at Cracker Barrel in Christiansburg last friday. It was nice to share our heart with them and to talk about Japan. We mentioned the need there and how we were drawn to the people and how our trip in the spring of last year confirmed our need to go there long term. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing at home, selling more things, and having fun hanging out with friends.

School Update

To update you on the School Fiasco, I ended up losing the battle to Liberty and accepting only 4 hours when I deserve 6. So, I am now in yet another class…Lord willing, my last. It is a light load and I should finish in November. This will not stop us from leaving on time, because I can do all the work online. It’s more of a frustration than a hindrance. Thankfully, I am still working at Liberty as of writing, and they have covered the tuition.

A Nearly Empty House

Saturday we sent our VISA applications back to Japan (which was no small task), and Sunday we were able to show our video at Aletheia (pictured on the right). We had a pretty good response, though we forgot all our response cards
:( But had quite a few sign-ups for our prayer letter.
This week Christina has been hard at work making things disappear around the house. It was a little sad today to see my guitar go, especially considering what we took for it. I guess it’s part of the process though. God is teaching us a lot about humility. We also sold our printer, DVD player, two mushroom chairs, our bookshelf and DVD shelf, our Christmas tree and some garland, and we are starting to show people the house for our landlords (who live about 5 states over). I told you things were going fast! Pretty soon, all we will have is our iMac to keep us company.

Visa Applications Arrive!

As I was praying this afternoon, I heard someone pull up the driveway. It was funny how it worked out actually because I have been getting up early each morning to pray but this morning I woke up late and had to take my prayer time after lunch. So, as I was praying for guidance with all this Japan stuff, here comes the mail carrier with our visa application! The one thing that has been on our minds this past week the most! I was shocked because just this morning Matt and I were talking about it and we had heard that it wasn’t even at the TEAM office in Japan yet! We don’t know how, but we just thank God! Although it doesn’t look like we will be on the plane on my birthday, it is still looking like it will be a good birthday weekend!

Aletheia Church

Last weekend, after partying hard (see pic), we visited Aletheia (greek for ‘truth’) Church in Harrisonburg VA. Unfortunately, we did not get our video completed for them in time to fit it into the service, so this weekend we will be going back to visit and get to play our super-short video. Aletheia is a cool, young (meaning college-age) church that we attended during a summer break in 2005. Since then, we’ve visited, but due to the 35 minute distance from our parents’ we were never able to truly become involved. Please pray with us that our message will get through in the limited time, and the people would catch the vision for Japan.
Sorry for the lack of updates this past week, it’s been a bit hectic. Our house is a wreck right now, and things have been flying out the door, thanks to craigslist, like crazy.

Timing is everything

Those of you who read this blog have the joy of reading this before it hits your inbox. If you see a double don’t worry, we’re just covering all the bases. Just want to get out a quick update to keep everyone informed. Without further adieu, I give you your future email now:
We are getting closer and closer to leaving, but it seems like it’s further and further away. We received word last week that we can begin our visa process, and ever since then, the days seem to have slowed way down. Please pray with us that the visa application will come quickly, along with the visas themselves. 
We are currently sitting at about 85% support with a few individuals and churches still contemplating our support. Hopefully the necessary 15% will come in very quickly as well. If you have pledged to give, but have not yet started, now is the time! We need everyone to please begin their support so that we can safely transition to dependency on it. If you have any concerns or questions, please please contact us. We look forward to writing you all from Japan and thank you for your continued prayer.

MIA Luggage arrived!

Well, God has answered yet another prayer. As I was checking my email to see if ebags (the online store I used to order our luggage) had sent me any confirmation of our lost piece of luggage, I was praying the God would somehow work this all out. Ebags had told me last friday that they would contact me in 48 hours as to where our missing piece was. Well, it was longer than 48 hours. Well, right after I had got out of my email, I went into the bedroom and there was the UPS lady with our big Travelpro box! The missing piece to our set. I was overjoyed and ran straight to the computer to tell Matt. It seems that things are all falling into place in just this same manner lately. We are getting so close to Japan, I tell you, I can almost smell the Ramen.

Are we there yet??

This week has been a big one for us. Christina has been hard at work at home spending her time preparing the house for our departure and sorting through most of our junk. Though it started rough, many of you prayed for us, and God has answered our prayers. Not only did He send us the encouragement through the words of others, but also through a large unexpected commitment. We are now up to 83% support, which means we only have a little to go!
Given our support boost, we have been given the green light to start the Visa process, which is normally very quick with Japan. In addition, our senior missionaries are now scouring the city for a place for us to live. Please pray for guidance, this is a huge decision and will impact the reach of our ministry.
We received most of the luggage this week, one is missing. Please pray that it will show up! Also, we are slowly becoming aware of the monstrous task of shipping what we are taking to Japan. Christina is working out the details with the airline, so please pray for guidance and good information. With the task comes the monstrous COST of shipping, which has yet to be accounted for.
Looking forward, we have a big goodbye party this weekend. If you haven’t been invited and want to come, please come! It will be at the Reeds’ in Waynesboro. If you need directions, please email us. We hope this will be a time of rejoicing and good memories. We just have a little more support to raise, and for the first time we are actually ahead of our anticipations, so it is a wonderfully encouraging time.
Thanks for all your prayers and support!


As we wind down our trips here and there, I find myself more and more lost. I am comforted by the fact that our departure seems so close, with little support separating from our destination. However, we are both rather confused as to how to find that support. Please pray with us that God would provide the needed direction. We know that the support He has provided has not come quickly for no reason. We deeply feel the conviction that we will be in Japan soon, but how to get there is what is puzzling us.

Another prayer request is for our protection. We have been increasingly aware of the Spiritual warfare surrounding us and can feel it almost physically. The closer we get to our goal, the more the enemy will try and stop us, so in a way it acts as confirmation, but in a bad way. Thank you for your prayers and we hope to have a more optimistic update later in the week.