Heating in Japan

We have been getting a lot of questions about the heating here in Japan and there are different answers depending on where you are. So, we thought we would clarify a bit. Here in Karuizawa, we have this handy dandy little kerosene heater to heat our cabin. It has buttons on it to control the temperature. They use Celsius here, so don’t worry when you see other pictures that say our cabin is only 19 degrees! We like to keep it around 22-23. That is pretty nice. Anyway, it kind of resembles the heaters that are in hotels, the one’s that sit under the window. Like this one here. It’s long, and you control it much like you would the hotel ones in The States. There is a neat feature on the ones here that you can set a timer for it to turn on early in the morning before you wake up, but we can’t figure out how to do it, so we just turn it up really quick in the morning and jump back in bed! That is another question that people have had, “Why do you turn off the heater at night or when you leave the house?”

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