Goodbye Party, First Message in Japanese

How’s that for a title?! The goodbye party was held for the previous English teachers this weekend and it was a fun time for all. Dan and Laura have been teaching the classes that we’ve now taken over for the last 10 years! So this change is a big one. We got to see many of our students in a more relaxed environment, and the event also brought some new ones who want to sign up! Now, just to remind you, English classes are not held for the sake of English, they’re held for the sake of the Gospel. Many Japanese who come become Christians over time, and it’s a great way to build contacts for the church.

Yesterday Christina and I gave our first message in Japanese which was quite nerve-racking, but God got us through it. The congregation was a whole 6 people including us, so that took some of the pressure off. We will be giving it again at each of the churches over the next month or so. It’s basically an extended testimony of who we are and why we’re in Japan.

So, our apologies for less updates this month, but we’ve been thinking of you all and now that we’re better in the swing of things here, it should get easier. We have uploaded our schedule in EST if you would like to pray during some of the events. And we also have pictures coming soon of us in action! Hopefully we’ll be able to finish another video podcast soon too!

More pics from the party are here.

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