Godo Reihai

“Go do what?” Yesterday we had a godo reihai (pronounced like “go”-“doe”, “lay”-“hi”), or a combined worship service between all 6 church plants in Takamatsu. We were packed like sardines! But it was fun, and we had a guest speaker, Okawa-sensei (pictured) whom the church is praying about bringing onto leadership for the next 3 years. He was extremely energetic for a 70-year old (imagine moving houses at that age!) and had a good sense of humor. He has spent 30 years pastoring Japanese churches in California, so he can minister in both English and Japanese with quite a lot of wit. It is looking likely that he will come, but financially, we don’t know how it will happen, so please pray for the finances here.
While we were packing to move this weekend, I came across some paperwork that I hadn’t gotten to take a good look at. It details Church growth and status across Japan for 2008. I’ve put it below for downloading and highlighted the best (blue) and worst (red) prefectures in certain areas. The green line is our prefecture. It is sad to note that only one prefecture is listed as being over 1% Christian. Please pray for these areas and for Japan as a whole.

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