Getting There is the Hardest Part

I don’t think it is going too far to say that it was an adventure getting to Japan. Traveling always has its surprises. First, we missed our flight. We arrived at the airport at almost 5:30 in the morning (Charlottesville, Va). Only problem was, the plane left at 6am. We thought that since it was a pretty small airport, it might not take that long anyway. We got through security and everything pretty quickly actually, but after our carry on got pulled to be checked a second time for whatever reason, we were just too late. The gate had closed, and we missed the flight.
So we went back up to the counter to book a flight for the next day. It all worked out though. We were a little upset at first, but we know there must have been a reason. The funny thing is, the next morning, when were getting ready to get ready to board the plane, we saw our good friend from Waynesboro. He was getting ready to fly to Wyoming for a job interview. So we got to say goodbye to him since we hadn’t seen him for about a year.
Once we got on the plane to Detroit, we didn’t really have any more issues. The flight was pretty good; we had enough entertainment, and our seats were pretty good. We didn’t sleep too much, and towards the end my stomach felt uneasy, but this happens every time I go without sleep. Once we arrived in Tokyo, the luggage situation got really interesting. We had 12 pieces of luggage total, 4 of which were large rubbermaid containers, and 4 were overweight. We had to use 4 of the carts that they have at airports to put all our luggage on. So, if you can picture two jet-lagged foreigners with a TON of luggage trying to push 4 carts, you can get an idea of what we looked like to the Japanese. Probably really funny, but we were too tired to care.
We waited for about ten minutes and found the person who was picking us up whom then directed us to the shipping area because there was no way that we were going to fit all our luggage in his car. Plus, we need to travel by train to go to Karuizawa for language school in a couple days and trains don’t allow you to have more than a couple pieces of luggage. So we shipped everything we thought we wouldn’t need to language school and the rest we shipped to Takamatsu. Once we got to TEAM headquarters, we realized that we shipped our clothes to Karuizawa. So yes, we have been wearing the same clothes for a few days now. Matt, more than I because I found some in my carry on, but I guess we moved his somewhere else when trying to make less weight. We will do laundry a little later.
It is really nice here at headquarters. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. So far, so good! We are adjusting well. It is 4:30PM Japan time here (2:30AM EST) and we don’t feel too tired yet. I think we got about 9 hours of sleep last night so that helped a lot. Tomorrow we will go on a tour of Tokyo, so more pics to come! Check out some of our pics so far here.

By the way, Mom and Sandy-I found my little bag of liquids and stuff. I guess the airport never took it! I was glad because we also shipped all our shower stuff on to Karuizawa. So this was our only shower stuff. Showers are nice.

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