Free Online/iPhone Japanese Bible

Finding a Japanese Bible that’s not on paper is really hard. Even finding on that IS on paper is hard if you’re not in Japan. But I stumbled across a site the other day from a Pastor’s twitter feed and noticed that the site had a Bible app for the iPhone. I already have a great Bible on my iPhone, but I figured “hey, it’s free. Why not check it out?” As it turned out, it had a Japanese version! I’ve NEVER found a Japanese version on the iPhone. I’ve wanted one for so long I once even contacted Word of Life in Japan to try and get the Japanese equivalent of the NIV (新改訳聖書 – Shinkaiyakuseisho) onto the iPhone/iPod, but unfortunately they didn’t seem interested.

So now you can download it for the iPhone, iPod, iPad (which looks great), and even read in your browser. It’s not the newest translation available (maybe they had similar problem?), but I’m very impressed and happy to see the Word in Japanese so easily available now. Check out

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