Community Fellowship Church Follow-up

Wow did we have a big weekend! We started by driving to Waynesboro VA and hanging out with family for a while, then we got to spend some time on Saturday night with two families I (Matt) haven’t seen in roughly 6-7 years. Both families left the church to attend Bible school and assume ministry positions. One family ended up in Utah (pictured above), while the other ended up back in Waynesboro. It was so neat to catch up on what God has done in their lives.
Sunday we went to Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene, my parents’ home church, and the church that we met in. We spoke in both services and received a huge response. The people we so loving and encouraging. It was neat.
After church, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday and waited way too long to eat lunch. We had to leave quickly after to make it to our friend’s deacon ordination. We made it just in time to watch Kevin Struble became a deacon at Bethel Baptist (who’s picture I updated). Kevin was on my dorm at Liberty and in our wedding and it was neat to hear as he shared some of his testimony.

You can see some of our pictures from the weekend here.

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