Christmas in Japan

This Christmas was quite different for us. It would be deceptive to say that it wasn’t hard.
Both of us have been fighting a cold/virus since last week and I (Matt) was up nearly every hour on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning, making it a rather awful start. However, the Lord brought me some relief by removing my headache during the morning. On Tuesday night, we had a Candlelight service (pictured above) which went very well. You can play the audio of one of the songs we sang and try to guess what it is! We had quite a good turnout and got to see many of the believers for the first time since our visit this Spring. As the New Year comes, we’re excited about getting to begin ministry and help grow these churches. The one pictured above is one of six church plants in this area that we’ll be a part of.

Check out more pictures of the week.

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