inter // states (Tokyo time lapse)

This is such a cool time lapse. My favorite part is the planes near the end. Very cool! I know Japan can be reached through music and movies.

Giant Salamanders Helped to Spawn

This is really cool! Okayama is about an hour North of Takamatsu and it’s where many of our friends live. We’re hoping to visit when we go later this month. Maybe we’ll see some giant salamanders!

One thing to take notice of is the Japanese attitude towards both advancing and preserving nature. We often saw many trees covered in protective ropes and barriers in order to help them survive. I think it’s a great thing to be conscious of nature. Because they are so limited for land, I think it drives the Japanese to be more cautious than they otherwise would be.

Another Great Video of Japan

This amazing footage comes from the same photography who took the first image on this post. He really has some great shots of Japan. I love the monkeys :) One thing to take notice of is the amount of baggage some Japanese carry around.

Gorgeous Japanese Time Lapse Footage

This video is just amazing. I was so excited to share this as I watched it because it is so hard to describe the beauty of Japan in words; you just have to see it! And this video does a great job at showing it to you. Though the video is intentionally juttery, notice the beauty of God in the skys and the scenery. Japan has some unbelievably gorgeous sunsets. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer.

Stories From Japan 5 – The tallest Japanese I’ve ever met

In this video/picture story, I introduce our good friend Takashi and some of our favorite moments spent together. Please pray for him after watching. If you’d like you can download this picture of Takashi and Yuzo to remind you of Takashi and the millions of other unsaved Japanese like him.

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Stories From Japan 4 – Stella’s Stories

This week we’re going to defer our own story time to Grandma Stella, the oldest missionary in Japan. She is an absolutely unforgettable woman who will challenge anyone she meets to live for God in the fullest. In 2008, we had the privilege of meeting Stella and her husband Ralph just before he was promoted to Heaven. Ralph and Stella lead the ministry in Takamatsu, where we served until near the end of Ralph’s life when he handed things over to Mike and Barbara Gray. Here is an interview with Stella filmed at the very end of ’08 that I’m sure will bless you. While this was filmed, there were also 2 short videos filmed on TEAM Japan that will open your heart to the laborers and you might just see us pop in for a bit :D

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Sakaide Matsuri (Festival)

Just a quick little video from Sarah Strobridge of a Japanese festival parade.

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Stories From Japan 3 – Kayoko & Hanako

Hooray! Our Stories from Japan series has made it a 3rd week in a row (almost). We also posted an update on our future plans today that you should check out too! 

In this, our second video story from Japan, we tell the story of how we became acquainted with 2 lovely ladies named Kayoko and Hanako through our English ministry. Please continue to pray for them and their family.

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Status Update – Summer ’10

Quick vid of what we have planned for the next year or so in terms of ministry. Answers a lot of questions about what we’re planning!

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Japanese Coffee and Hot Tea Vending Machine

We’ve seen plenty of vending machines in Japan, but this one definitely seemed top-of-the-line. Everyone thought it was pretty cool. You could get hot and cold drinks and it had multiple languages.

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