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First meal in Japan

We finally arrived late last night after 30 hours of straight travel. Thanks for all the prayers. Wifi is hard to find, but we’ll update when we can! This is our first lunch – udon!

We Have A Place to Stay!

Thank you for praying! We have gotten a free place to stay on Sunday night and a free ride to the airport! We get to see my (Matt) old roommate and spend time with him before we take off. Add that to your list of answered prayers :) We’ll keep pushing little updates like this to the site when we can all throughout the next month!

Prayer Request

We would like to ask for prayer as we prepare for our trip. We are beginning to feel mentally under attack from the enemy and would appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

A Terrible 6 Months For Japanese Missionaries

I’ve just been made aware of the dramatic decrease in the dollar over the last few months. For American missionaries who get their support from here, this is a tough blow. Japan is already 1.8 times the average cost of living in the US. Now imagine losing 15% of your paycheck AFTER taxes and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is such a heavy issue on my heart because support is the biggest reason we had to leave Japan early. Please pray and please consider giving. We’re raising support on behalf of our fellow missionaries in Japan and know many others who would love your support.

October Trip Update

I hope everyone has a chance to read this. It’s very short. I just wanted to give an update on our support level for our October missions trip to Takamatsu. We’ve already seen lots of faithful givers pour out of their hearts financially and we’ve collected over $900 towards our trip! Praise the Lord! However, as October approaches we’re reminded of how much we’ve yet to raise. We still need over $4500. Please pray with us that this money would come in and that we could get into churches during September to share this need. Thanks for praying!

Summer Relaxation

It's been a slow week here on the blog, but we've been hard at work mailing out prayer letters and licking stamps. We've also been prepping for our 4-day vacation at the beach with our friends Ryan and Rachel! If you'd like to get our letter, please make sure we have your address, especially if you've moved in the last 2 years. We have been so encouraged by the Gospel this week and are excited to see our Japanese friend who is a Liberty student return this week from Summer break. We pray you are enjoying the Summer and making the best of it. Your partners in the Gospel,
Matt & Christina

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Status Update – Summer ’10

Quick vid of what we have planned for the next year or so in terms of ministry. Answers a lot of questions about what we’re planning!

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July ’10 Prayer Letter

Our latest Prayer Letter is now available here. If you’d like to sign up to receive our prayer letters, click here and/or if you’d like to get ALL of our amazing site updates and cool videos in your inbox, click here to subscribe!

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Fewer Foreign Residents in Japan for First Time In 48 Years – Japan Real Time – WSJ

It’s interesting to see the decline of foreigners in Japan. This is bad for Evangelism because there has been a decrease in missionaries as well since the 80′s. TEAM, with whom we served, saw 2 surges into Japan. One directly after the 2nd World War ended, and then a second wave in the 1980′s. Many of those who came in the 40′s and 50′s have now retired or been promoted to Heaven. As a result, TEAM has seen a sharp decline in missionaries in recent years. According to this article they are not alone. Due to the high cost of living, many who want to go are still stuck in their home country raising support. But our God is not limited by finances. Let’s pray for a new wave of missionaries to be able to come and serve Christ in Japan!

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Takamatsu Charity Concert – April ’09

This is a little video I did of the Charity Concert we had in Takamatsu in 2009. The music being played is by The Messengers, who did the concert and live in Japan as foreign missionaries/local Christians. There’s a little bit of an audio mess-up at the end but it’s not too bad.

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