Are we there yet??

This week has been a big one for us. Christina has been hard at work at home spending her time preparing the house for our departure and sorting through most of our junk. Though it started rough, many of you prayed for us, and God has answered our prayers. Not only did He send us the encouragement through the words of others, but also through a large unexpected commitment. We are now up to 83% support, which means we only have a little to go!
Given our support boost, we have been given the green light to start the Visa process, which is normally very quick with Japan. In addition, our senior missionaries are now scouring the city for a place for us to live. Please pray for guidance, this is a huge decision and will impact the reach of our ministry.
We received most of the luggage this week, one is missing. Please pray that it will show up! Also, we are slowly becoming aware of the monstrous task of shipping what we are taking to Japan. Christina is working out the details with the airline, so please pray for guidance and good information. With the task comes the monstrous COST of shipping, which has yet to be accounted for.
Looking forward, we have a big goodbye party this weekend. If you haven’t been invited and want to come, please come! It will be at the Reeds’ in Waynesboro. If you need directions, please email us. We hope this will be a time of rejoicing and good memories. We just have a little more support to raise, and for the first time we are actually ahead of our anticipations, so it is a wonderfully encouraging time.
Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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