A New Year

Last night, we journeyed via bicycle to one of the churches to pray for the New Year. Only a couple other people came, so it was pretty intimate. Japanese tradition is to eat soba noodles around Midnight (some say before some say after). So, we happily participated. It was a fun time. Interestingly, they have no ball to watch drop like in America so it was somewhat anticlimactic, but fun nonetheless.
One our way home we passed hundreds of people visiting the Shrine (at midnight). It was a sad reminder of the cultural bondage here. Most people participating were not devout followers, but simply following their friends and family to worship demons (1 Cor. 10:19-22).
This year we ask that you pray with us for the Christians here to be bold and continue reaching out, and for us that we might become fluent in Japanese. Thanks for thinking and praying for us :)

I’ve added our address to the blog page and contact page in case you’d like to mail us anything.

pictures of the shrine here.

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