A Nearly Empty House

Saturday we sent our VISA applications back to Japan (which was no small task), and Sunday we were able to show our video at Aletheia (pictured on the right). We had a pretty good response, though we forgot all our response cards
:( But had quite a few sign-ups for our prayer letter.
This week Christina has been hard at work making things disappear around the house. It was a little sad today to see my guitar go, especially considering what we took for it. I guess it’s part of the process though. God is teaching us a lot about humility. We also sold our printer, DVD player, two mushroom chairs, our bookshelf and DVD shelf, our Christmas tree and some garland, and we are starting to show people the house for our landlords (who live about 5 states over). I told you things were going fast! Pretty soon, all we will have is our iMac to keep us company.

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